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By Sarah Callow

Thomas Ambrose Bowen 1916 – 1982

The story of Tom Bowen is a remarkable one, even more so for knowing that in spite of being one of the busiest and most effective therapists of his generation, he had no formal training or qualifications in any therapeutic background. 

His parents were originally from Wolverhampton and emigrated to Australia in the early 1900s settling in Brunswick, Victoria. A working class family, Tom left school at the age of 14, taking various labouring jobs. It was while he was working at the cement works that he started to treat people after work, coming home to wash and eat before commencing clinics that would often go on well into the night……………. 


Due to an accident i had at work i was left with unexplained pain which was put down to nerve damage. I was put on medication which helped with pain but due to side affects i put on weight and became zombified and i slept most of the day. At just aged 42 i thought my life as i knew it was over………until i stumbled across a holistic treatment called Bowen at a local village Pamper Day which my sister had taken me for a pick me up! I felt an instant connection with Bowen and relief that their was something going on in my body which i could now feel and i wasn’t going mad or it was all in my head as i’d been told on many occasions….. On my second treatment i came of the bed experienced emotion releases by sobbing……….. felt so much better after. 

I was amazed how gently but effective the Bowen moves are, i feel so passionate for Bowen and the effects it had to myself i decided to change career paths and train with European College of Bowen Studies. Bowen Technique has and still is helping me to manage my long term condition with top up Bowen sessions every 6-8 weeks………

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